I signed up for a trip
Many months ago
People said 'you're crazy'
they said 'don't go'

But I came to Cairo
With my really clean bike
To the Cathract Hotel
Happy faces alike

On the 11th of Jan,
We headed down the road,
With a belly full of porridge
To push the load.

In Egypt the wind,
Was really, really strong,
Once it was a tailwind,
Sure we couldn't go wrong!


I'm going to Cape Town

Well I must be mad

And for four months long

Cycling my bike in the African sun

Onto the boat
And headed to Sudan
My tent was roasting
I could've done with a fan

The Sahara sandstorm
It got in every place
Not into the food though
Thanks to John and Janez

Luke and Nix
Plasters, they had tonnes
Gave us lots of cipro
When we had the runs

If your bikes broke
Go to JJ and Catalin
Fix your cassette
Or anything rattling


I hated the off road
It wasn't much fun
Cycling on corrugation
In a 40 degree sun

Into Ethiopia
We made our way
Over rolling hills
As Ciaran would say

The children were lovely
They said 'you, you, you'
They wanted all my money
Then throw a stone or two

Gondor was on a hill
Like Mount Everest
Everyone had diarrhoea
It wasn't the best


In Kenya we had a bus

'cause elections were on

The meltdown was cancelled

no lava rock fun

In Nanyuki we rested

Ate cake and got fat

The Equator Party

Was where it was at

In Arusha we stayed

for three long days

Some went on safari

for animals to gaze

The halfway point

Two months done

Many roads cycled

More to come


The Tanzanian off road

What can you say

It was fun to ride

If you're not stuck in the clay

Into Malawi

And we cycled past the lake

Ate plates of chapati

Well as much as they would make

If you love a good riot

Some shooting in the air

Come to Zambia

Only if you dare

Into Lusaka

Spent all our cash

Zambezi zone done

Time for a bash


The water that smoked

Was Victoria Falls

Bungee jump fun

But you needed some balls

Into Botswana

On the elephant road

Long and boring as hell

And our tiredness showed

Into Windhoek

I was glad to be there

Off road was coming

No need to dispair

Namibia amazing

Such scenery too

Solitaire had nice baking

For me to chew


Adele did PR

Cat did the race

The drivers were super

Zimbabwe their place

The naked mile

White asses everywhere

Cars beeping loud

Sure we didn't care

The roads still tough

As we made our way

To the South African border

Where our destination lay

The Cape Town sign

Was nice to see

The target was near

For the group and me


The off road brought us

To the beach

It never gets easy

They would preach

So now we arrive

At the waterfront

Many roads cycled

Over many a month

The friends we've made

We'll have for life

A super bunch

It's been a delight

We've come from Egypt

We've cycled so far

With bumps and bruises

And many a scar


12,000 kilometres

By power of bike

From Cairo to Cape Town

You've never seen the like

So let's raise a glass

On this magical day

TDA 13



I'm going to Cape Town

Well I must be mad

And for four months long

Cycling my bike In the African sun

I've gone from Cairo to Cape Town

I must've been mad

And for four months long

I cycled my bike in the African sun.

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